Chaim Sash B&H


I was deeply honored to be tasked with the major and complex task of revamping B&H’s checkout process. Goals Reduce checkout abandonment. Reduce the amount of time it takes to complete checkout. Add two click checkout for shoppers that already have saved information. Beautify a checkout process that hadn’t been updated for almost 10 years. Complexities B&H Ships worldwide. Each … Read More


Chaim Sash B&H


Shoppers consistently failed finding their desired category when using the old navigation. It was laid out on two lines without any implied order (not a-z). They were also missing categories because their eyes had to travel side to side and up and down. They would get lost when scanning. I came up with a concept of a one line navigation with icons … Read More

Cable Finder

Chaim Sash B&H


I was tasked to create a cable finder as a way to address long-tail product find-ability on B&H. The idea was to give the shopper the ability to quickly narrow down to specific cable from thousands of possible choices.   The first part of the task covered the information architecture. We created buckets for the most common cable types and add … Read More

Compare Products

Chaim Sash B&H


B&H is known as “The Professional’s Source” for good reason. They have a thoroughly trained sales staff and a huge selection of professional products. One issue they always have to overcome is translating that professionalism over to the website. I was tasked to add this professional element to the new comparison tool I was designing. It was made to function as a clear … Read More